• Copy of Dancing Queen Hera Dress III - special occasion and designer fashion dresses, skirts, blouses, tops, shoes, and shorts for girls in blue, red, black, white, ecru, pink, purple, peach, aqua, coral and with flower & rose prints as well as other unique designs and bows

Copy of Dancing Queen Hera Dress III

  • $98.00
  • $118.00
Size (Years)
limited Quantity
Product details


Product Details

  • Standard size
  • Fits true to size, order by age
  • 100% cotton lining, comfortable fit
  • Tassel fabric
  • Imported fabric from South Korea
  • Limited quantity
  • Ethically manufactured in Europe

Designer's note: Mama Luma Dancing Queen Hera Dress - this glowing dress with tassels on it is the most fun dress of this summer, which will bring joy, laughter and happiness to your little princess' wardrobe. Truly a one of a kind, prime dress! Our mission is to help younger generations find appreciation in fashion; a form of art. Every little artist could use some inspiration!

Product details