Winter Essentials ❄

Winter and cold weather can be tough. But it does not have to be! We created a list for winter wardrobe essentials that will keep your little one warm and fashionable! 

Let's take a look at the essentials your princess will need for enjoying her winter colds;

1- Mama Luma Puffy Jacket: Number one essential for winter is a puffy jacket for sure! Mama Luma's jacket is super soft and manufactured with first class materials. It comes in two colors; pink and navy. It is so soft and comfortable that your little girl will not be able to take it off!

2- Exclusive Flower Prints Jacket: This jacket is an exclusive piece of Riviera Collection. It is super cool with its flower prints! This stylish jacket will sure to keep your little princess warm. When you combine this jacket with exclusive flower prints pants or with riviera tracksuit.

3- Maison-Chamonix Heidi Jacket: This beautiful and elegant pink jacket belongs to our Maison-Chamonix Collection. A coat-jacket is surely a must have essential for a young lady's wardrobe, especially this elegant pink one!

4- Elegant Broche Diamond Jacket: This is a beautiful diamond embellished navy jacket that belongs to the Riviera Collection. This one is for who wants to be more chic and garish. Perfect for events!

5- Elizabeth Jacket: Check out the bow details. It can be used for smart casual outfits. It will look so gorgeous on your precious one as much as it will keep her warm.

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