Top 7 Outfits of Holiday Sale!

Holidays are perfect time  to bring kids fashion to the fore! We are here for your little ones to discover their own unique style and be fashionable! 

Let's discover the most stylish 7 outfits of Mama Luma's Holiday Sale;

1- Dancing Kate Dress with Classic Comfortable Kids Shoe: This dress is one of Mama Luma's exclusive designs for this season. It is perfect for party and especially when it is dressed with the comfortable kids shoe. They are both so comfortable that your little girl will be the shining star of the dance floor. These shoes are manufactured based on baby/child foot anatomy.

2- Rainbow Outfit and Matcing Headband: One of our must-haves of the Fall Winter season. This beautiful outfit will refresh and color up your little lady's wardrobe. The matching headband (in color pink or blue) will make the outfit more fun and cute!

3- Zendaya Outfit and Maison-Chamonix Rose Petals Bag: This outfit is formed with beautiful flower print skirt with bow on waist and luxury feather navy blouse. This gorgeous outfit is one of the most eccentric designs of Fall Winter 20-21. When it is combined with the rose petals bag, will sure to become the most elegant and unique outfit in the room! 

4- Scarlett Outfit and Ecru Shimmering Headband: This beautiful outfit surely is to make your little one feel like a princess. The skirt has a european style adjustable hook on waist. If you match it with the shimmering headband, your little princess will become a real lady!

5- Gigi Dress and Maison-chamonix Bolero: This beautiful ecru flared dress is created with elegance mixes. It has 100% cotton lining and comfortable fit. As much as it is comfortable, it is also so chic when combined with the faux fur bolero. This elegant bolero is one of a kind for sure! This beautiful combinations of shades will have your little lady stand out!

6- Romatic Aviana Rose Dress, Maison-Chamonix Red Roses Bag and Shimmering Rose Headband: This exclusive design is a must have for the holiday season! It comes in two colors; vibrent red and dark green. This dress is surely perfect for party. To complete the look, you can combine the dress with maison-chamonix red roses bag and shimmering rose headband. 

7- Flared Riviera Dress and Diamond Navy Bow Headband: This dress is one of Mama Luma's exclusive designs for the Fall Winter. It is perfect for events especially when matched with the diamond navy bow headband. The gems on the headband will make your little girl shine even more!

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