SB Seasons - Mama Luma Opens in Paseo Nuevo


Renowned designer Vivienne Westwood once said, “Fashion is very important. It is life-enhancing and, like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well.” Upscale local children’s clothing store Mama Luma goes one step further and extends this philosophy to young girls, age 1-10 years old.

Yesterday, Mama Luma celebrated the grand opening of their Paseo Nuevo location with a ribbon-cutting ceremony conducted by Santa Barbara Mayor, Cathy Murillo.

Founder Ata Sari, originally from Istanbul, attributes his inspiration behind Mama Luma to his mother. A graduate of UCSB in 2017, he and his friend, Kevin Mahany, decided to start this venture. Although neither possessed a background in design, both could see a lack of style and quality material within the area of children’s clothing. As a result, Sari turned to his mother, a talented seamstress in Istanbul, who agreed to become Mama Luma’s clothing designer. Merging European tradition with the elegance of the West Coast, Mama Luma strives to help young girls dress in the outfits of their dreams. All pieces are handmade in Turkey and are available in-store or through their website.

Through partnerships with Kids Atelier and Legacy, Mama Luma has locations across America in Montecito, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, San Jose, Houston, Central Park, Honolulu, and Sunrise. The clothing line has also been featured in Impact Magazine and Santa Barbara News-Press. Despite having numerous locations, Mama Luma has remained active in the Santa Barbara community, sponsoring Sol Soccer Club, a local soccer program for girls age 8-16.

To view more of Mama Luma’s clothing designs, visit their website here. The store is located at Paseo Nuevo, 651 Santa Barbara St, Santa Barbara.

- Samantha Lee

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