Say Goodbye to Autumn & Winter 2020 Collection

Autumn & Winter 2019-2020 was an amazing time for kids fashion. Many amazing brands brought forth incredible designs. Let’s take a look and say goodbye to some of Mama Luma’s best designs from this past collection.

  1. First, we have this lovely flower dress for toddlers; gorgeous! 
  2. Next is this pink little girls dress, unlike anything we have ever brought out before. Wow!
  3. And we can’t forget this lovely pink toddler dress; look at that fabric print.
  4. This is one of our favorite dresses, this ruffle dress for toddlers!
  5. A design we brought back to life in green, the green toddler dress. What a gem!
  6. This teal little girl dress was one of Mama Luma’s signature looks of the season. What a beauty!
  7. Elegant and simple, this navy girls dress is exactly what the doctor ordered this past winter!
  8. And who can forget this beautiful blue girls dress, what a prize!
  9. Mama Luma loves to bring uniqueness and the taffeta dresses for girls did just that.
Simple and gorgeous, this black girls dresses is another fantastic piece from our Autumn & Winter 2019-2020 collection!
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