New Athleisure Allert!

It is undeniable that athletic wear is now the top trend taking over our lives due to the circumstances we are in. Shortly after it became a huge hit, it has also become a fashion trend as well, becoming a go to choice for celebrities and influencers. We thought it would be a great idea to integrate this trend into kids fashion too! Little girls can also be chic and stylish with athleisure on, right?! We know that you love our Athleisure Collection and we love it too! Check out out exclusive design geometric trio for something extra with a edge!

Our trio has a blouse, a sweatshirt and a legging. You can never go wrong with the Mama Luma Exclusive Geometric Trio. Made of a prime scuba fabric for a wrinkle-free texture. This fabric is a real life-saver for mothers especially when one has a super energetic and active little lady! 3 different styling is available for this special design:

Exclusive Geometric Blouse: You can use this blouse both with jeans and sweatpants. The halter neck design makes the blouse more comfortable to wear, also makes it more eccentric.

Exclusive Geometric Tracksuit with Blouse: This tracksuit comes in 2 pieces: Blouse + Leggings. Due to its scuba fabric, its is both like a legging and pants. You can style it however you like, it is all up to you! It is a multi-purpose legging.

Exclusive Geometric Tracksuit with Sweatshirt: This tracksuit also comes in 2 pieces: Sweatshirt + Leggings.  Can even be used as a top to a dress! This one is not like a classic super sportive sweatshirt, it is a super-chic sweatshirt with a smart-causal style. 

These exclusive geometric design styles are a must-have stylish athletic outfit for kids. 3 'goes with everything' colors, navy pink and ecru, enable to mix and match with anything in your wardrobe without any restrictions!


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