New Arrivals of Saint-Malo Collection

Saint-Malo Collection features incomparable lilac designer outfits for kids and chic dresses for toddlers. New arrivals of the collection focus more on daisy prints, so elegant . . .

Discover the beauty in our Saint-Malo Collection with the new arrivals;

Demi Outfit: One of the exclusive star design of Fall Winter. You'll surely fall in love with this 3 piece outfit, a white shirt, lilac daisy print pants and a matching oh so romantic ruffle bolero.

Cyndi Flower Outfit: A slightly different take on Demi Outfit, a more casual style created with the daisy print jacket.

Ciara Outfit: Lilac tassel skirt and a ruffled organza blouse never looked so good! This design is for any young lady who wants to make a fashion statement!

Josephine II Outfit: Want to feel like a Disney princess? Here is how! Josephine II combines a long sleeve bow details shirt with our signature daisy print design dress.

Long Sleeve Tyra Dress: This lilac long sleeve, flower print design offers a modern twist to a classic look. The dress has an elegant bow detail on the neck.

Be sure to check out the rest of our lovely Saint Malo Collection for more inspiration!



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