Most Anticipated Outfits of 2020!

Mama Luma is always ahead in fashion and quality, be sure to check out our most anticipated outfits of 2020!

1. Aurora 3 piece outfit is sure to have your little girl stand out! Ruffled candy skirt and taffeta blouse with fancy and elegant pin couldn't have looked any better when combined with its pink headband!

2. Rainbow 2 piece outfits are available in red, pink and blue colors, so vibrant and fun! Includes ruffled skirt and taffeta blouse with fancy pin.

3. Yelena outfit: You must click on the link to see how cool this outfit is!

4. Sequined Mariana and Adriana Outfits are to die for! Dashingly beautiful and candy to the eyes!

5. Ready to sparkle? This luxury fur Manon Outfit is exactly what you need!

6. An outfit for the royals! Very chic and elegant. Be sure to check out Mama Luma's 4 piece Brooklyn outfit for an outstanding tea party!

7. So festive! 3d flower print with dashing red taffeta skirt: Sam outfit!

8. Incredible dance of lilac flowers! Available with blue and lilac taffeta blouse with so very chic pin.

9. Daisy ruffles hawaii outfit so light and fun!

10. Flower print polka Maria outfit and  Natalie outfit of our Bellisima collection is very outstanding with its bow details on waist and on shoulders.

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