UPDATE: Mama Luma UAE Counterfeit


To our loyal customer base,

My name is Kevin Mahany and I am the COO & co-founder of Mama Luma. I want to thank you all for your continued support of Mama Luma in the challenging times.

This is an important message to all of our customers in the United Arab Emirates: our ex-partners in the UAE, who are operating stores under the Mama Luma brand name, have breached our agreement, showing bad intention and bad faith, and are consequently no longer associated with our brand.

Despite this separation, they continue to illegally use our name, selling counterfeit products and claiming to be a representative of our company. They are creating items using the Mama Luma name that are in no way representative of the high fashion brand we aim to serve you. I would like to particularly emphasize that the storefronts in the Galleria and in Alain and the Instagram accounts, @mamaluma_uae & @liloandboo_uae, are in no way associated with our brand. We highly encourage and request that you DO NOT shop from them or support their business in anyway.

It is of the utmost importance to us that you receive authentic, hand-crafted Mama Luma dresses and not fake designs. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out; we would be happy to shed more light on this situation for you. As a gift from us, please accept this coupon code UAE20 for 20% off your next purchase. 

Thank you again for shopping with Mama Luma,

Kevin Mahany

COO & co-founder of Mama Luma



**Original post**

Almost one year after Mama Luma opened up shop at Paseo Nuevo in the heart of Santa Barbara, the brand’s first international franchise has opened in Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the United Arab Emirates. Mama Luma, a local kids clothing brand founded at the end of 2017 by two UCSB graduates, was inspired by the designs of co-founder Ata Sari’s mother, who began her career stitching dresses for her daughter.

The new store is open at the Shams Boutik in Shams Abu Dhabi, located off the coast of the Persian Gulf. The franchisee found Mama Luma while traveling from Dubai and approached co-founder Kevin Mahany about the brand in the Paseo Nuevo storefront back in January. After months of negotiations, the store officially opened on May 22nd.

In the past year, Mama Luma has obtained customers in over 30 countries through e-commerce, wholesale, and franchising while continuing to spread its global reach on social media through collaborations with largely influential bloggers and celebrities. Today, with designs that merge the elegance of European tradition and the beauty of Santa Barbara, Mama Luma’s co-founders hope that the brand’s emphasis on artistry and expression will not just inspire younger generations, but also remind people around the world how special Santa Barbara really is.

Before there was Mama Luma, the brand’s designer had a dream of turning scraps of fabric into uniquely beautiful dresses for her daughter. Impressed by these designs, Mama Luma’s co-founder (and son of the designer), Ata Sari, had a vision that these dresses would inspire young ladies around the world. Today, Mama Luma brings you exclusive handmade pieces designed with that same dream in mind, because every little artist could use a little inspiration.
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