It's Picnic Time with the Mama Luma Daisy Collection!

Summer season is officially here and we have got some amazing dresses to spice up your little one's picnics!

1. Daisy Applique on Shoulder Angelina Outfit: A beautiful classic Mama Luma flared taffeta daisy print skirt combined with a taffeta blouse with a lovely daisy applique. Both pieces can also be ordered separately.

2. White Taffeta Dress with Emerald  Rbbon Bow & Daisy Prints: You cannot imagine how great this dress shows in photos!

3. Daisy Print White Chiffon Summer Picnic Dress: Flowy and oh so light to wear!

4. Daisy Print Taffeta Picnic Dress with Lace Neck Lining: Very lady like! Don't forget to mach with Mama Luma white shoes!

5. Glamorous White Taffeta dress with Daisy Applique: Glam glam glam!

6. Daisy Print White Cotton Summer Picnic Dress: So stylish!

And for some extra fun and glamour, do not forget to match your style with a daisy print mask!