How to play dress up games for girls.. the fun way!

The holidays are around which means the kids are gonna be home so here are some tips on how to play girl dress up games... the fun way! Girls dress up games make great memories, especially around the holidays, so here are some tips to get your little ones excited, as well as to get you through it! 

    • Depending on the season where you live, you are gonna need fall dresses for girls or maybe winter dresses for girls. Designer baby clothes like the three piece Aurora Outfit are a great option for this tip! 
    • Fashion shows are a great option for dress up games for girls! This Vanessa Outfit is a great designer clothing for kids that you and your little one will love! 
  • Princess dresses for girls make it extra fun! Who little girl doesn’t want to be a princess in a dress like the Chiffon Wedding Dress! Cute baby girl clothing makes it all the more fun in the moment and in the memories!
  • Have a camera handy! Girls winter dresses look great in photos and will make for great memories of your little girl! The Lauren Outfit is a very cute choice when looking for girls dress up clothes. 
  • Play outside! Especially if it’s fall and outdoor colors are beautiful! Baby girl fall dresses like the Sun Dress are going to make your little girl look beautiful with the colors outside! 

The most important thing is to have fun! Mama Luma makes designer clothes for kids to make the moment all the more beautiful and memorable! 

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