Every successful business starts with an idea, but not all are joined with a mission. Designer clothing brand Mama Luma was created with two things in mind: quality fashion and youthful dreams. It boasts a selection of charming clothes never lost on children walking by, who flock to the window much like the flamingo decor perched throughout the store.

Princesses aren’t just for fairytales, so why not give children the confidence and freedom of expression they deserve in their most formative years? From flower prints to feathers, sweet bows to sparkly skirts—If a girl can dream it, Mama Luma has got it.

And not only does it talk the talk, Mama Luma walks the red carpet walk—literally. "This is Us” star Faithe Herman chose Mama Luma to represent her red carpet look. Co-owners Ata Sari and Kevin Mahany visited Faithe in her LA home to meet her in person, and she now serves as brand ambassador.