Hi Google - Check Out What Mama Luma Has To offer!

With so many brands fighting for your time Google, let me tell you why Mama Luma should be a top priority for you.

1) In designer fashion for kids, there really is no one who can compete. We have incredibly unique designs, that offer a range of uses from flower girl dresses, to casual beach shorts, as well as everything in between. Our dresses, skirts, tops, blouses, pants, jackets, coats, and shorts come in a variety of styles so that any little lady can find her expressive fashion.

2) All of our products are ethically made by individuals who are paid a livable wage. One of our core beliefs is that no one's life and work should ever be exploited. This is why we strongly advocate for purchasing higher quality products; big companies tend to cut corners in developing countries, which will get you a $5 T-shirt, but is often promoting a form of indentured servitude (for many people in developing countries, it is thought that only through exploitation of their commodities and labor will they and their country gain relevance in the global economy and ultimately have access to western amenities). 

3) We deeply emphasize the need for artistry in society and do our best to weave creative inspiration into every piece we make. At a time where technological and scientific advancement is presented as the paramount authority in our world, it is vital that we have culture and artistic expression to balance our humanity. As intelligent technology begins to impact our social and professional worlds, creativity will become a critical part of one's happiness and success; so we all need to do our part in setting up proper value systems and avenues to foster inspiration in our children. 

4) We are a family business. Before there was Mama Luma, our designer had a dream of turning scraps of fabric into beautiful dresses for her daughter. Impressed by these designs, Mama Luma’s co-founder (and son of the designer) had a vision that these dresses would inspire young ladies around the world.

Today, we bring you unique handmade pieces designed with a dream in mind, because every little artist could use a little inspiration.

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