Introducing our exclusive collection

Among Mama Luma's foremost visions is to create designs that make our little ones feel like a princess while staying comfortable. Mama Luma's Exclusive Collection is created with love to make each girl in the world feel special. We are so excited to announce our new micro-collection for those who are looking for exquisite designs . . . 

Sparkling Fairy Princess Dress: Available both in lilac and purple, unique Sparkling Fairy Princess Dress for kids will take you to the magical world of Mama Luma! The sweet rose applique and flared skirts add an extra dimension to the design. It is undeniable that this dress is perfect for parties and events. Do not misjudge by the fanciness and puffiness of the dress, it is super light and so comfortable that your little girl will become the queen of the party!
Sparkling Fairy Princess Outfit: Available both in lilac and a purple, the organza blouse and purple fairy sparkle skirt with lovely rose applique complement eachother quite well, don't you think? Arm details of the blouse and the skirt's rose appliques dance together with harmony. We can proudly say this outfit is one of a kind, so very unique.

Let's not forget, we only carry just so few pieces of these beautiful exclusive designs!


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