Ethically Made Masterpiece - Mama Luma

Mama Luma prides itself on producing ethical products. But what do they REALLY mean when they say that?

Rested on the content of Europe, in the city of Istanbul, are Mama Luma's facilities for production. Here you will find 8 individuals who work vigorously to ensure every little girl receives the dress of her dreams. Each of these individuals plays their own vital roll, from Sew Master to Designer to Project Overseer; and consequently, each individual is compensated accordingly. Mama Luma sees it as absolutely necessary for everyone to be able to live a sustainable life, so we ensure that the hands producing these products are provided with the financial opportunity to sustain their livelihood.

We are able to offer amazing quality for prices incomparable to anything else in the market. Additionally, the uniqueness in fabrics really sets aside from the other artists in the market. Check out the Butterfly & Lily outfit, which has an incredibly unique fabric and pattern.

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