Elegance Mixes into Love to Create the Santorini Collection

Mama Luma is ready to dress your little one for girls special occasion dresses and girls pageant dresses. Today’s featured collection is the elegant Santorini Collection. This collection features designer kids clothing and matching outfits for girls. Included in this collection are red little girl dresses, taffeta pants for girls, taffeta skirts for girls, navy girls jacket and headpiece, flower dresses for girls, luxury feather, 3d print flower, organza and taffeta blouses with chique pin. Also included throughout this collection are flower dresses for toddlers.

Here are our 4 top picks from the Santorini Collection:

  1. Flared Santorini Dress - this piece features a lovely flower dress with a beautiful flare over skirt. Among our best-sellers of the season!
  2. Royal Brooklyn Outfit I 4 Piece - this unique little girls outfit is like nothing else in the market. Elegance mixes into love to create this elegant outfit. From the 3d flower print skirt to the vibrant red blouse and the jacket with chique button with the luxury feather headpiece, this outfit is definitely for the royals!
  3. Kylie Outfit - Mama Luma strives to bring unique timeless designs to your little one, which this outfit for girls perfectly exemplifies!
  4. Aika Dress - lastly we have this lovely exclusive luxury feather red dress. Every young ladies wardrobe will come to life with this piece!

Check out these and many more wonderful pieces in the Santorini!

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