Hidden Treasures: Accessories

Matching accessories make it more fun! To complete your Mama Luma look we wanted to introduce you our dazzling accessories . . .

1- Reusable Scuba Kids Face Mask: First one is of course a mask! With 2020 and the pandemic, face masks became a part of our daily routine. So why not make them an accessory of our outfit?! Mama Luma has various mask designs with special prints. Get one now. Stay safe!

2- Furry Special Edition Headband: This not just a headband. This is fashion! This design has the style of the headbands that royals prefer for special occasions. So, we can say that this headband will turn your little girl into a lady!

3- Maison-Chamonix Red Roses Bag and Shimmering Rose Headband: These two are matching accessories that complement the Mama Luma collections. If you use the bag and the headband together, they will definitely complete the look perfectly. Both have shimmering fabric and the bag has exclusive pearl details on the handles, which will surely attract attention instantly!

4- Maison-Chamonix Rose Petals Bag and White Rose Petals Headband: Another matching bag and headband in color we all love, among this season's favorites, of course - white. You can use these two literally with anything. Bot have beautiful white rose prints which turn them into such elegant pieces. 

5- Diamond Navy Bow Headband: This one is really fancy with shining diamonds on! who wouldn't love that! This headband will spruce up your outfit with its enormous shine.

6- Flower Petals Matching Headband: A real beautiful lilac headband with flower prints . . . When matched with a Mama Luma dress or an outfit, this headband will turn your little angel to a princess.

7- Tiara Matching Headband: This headband is for little princesses who want to make a statement with their tiaras! Perfect choice for special events.

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