• Mama Luma: Ethically Made with the Highest Quality Fabrics

    Mama Luma is a family company that strives to be the best we can. This includes prioritizing ethical practices throughout our entire production process and sourcing organic cotton. Mama Luma is proud to be a company that encourages collaboration to produce the best outcome. For us that means work... View Post
  • Hot Trends: What to look out for in 2020

    2020 is in full swing and there is much to look out for! Make 2020 your year by getting ahead of the curve.  This year, you’re going to want to look out for colorful clothing for girls. Whether pink toddler dresses or red toddler leggins, color is big in 2020. Add color to your little one’s ward... View Post
  • Say Goodbye to Autumn & Winter 2020 Collection

    Autumn & Winter 2019-2020 was an amazing time for kids fashion. Many amazing brands brought forth incredible designs. Let’s take a look and say goodbye to some of Mama Luma’s best designs from this past collection. First, we have this lovely flower dress for toddlers; gorgeous!  Next is t... View Post
  • Looking Back on the Autumn & Winter Collection

    Spring is already quickly approaching which makes it a great time to look back to our favorite trends and clothing from the Autumn and Winter collections. The Mama Luma Autumn and Winter collections showcase timeless designer looks and styles. From black girls coat to taffeta dresses for girls, t... View Post
  • Introducing the Aonani Collection

    This collection features designer outfits and dresses for girls. Included are velvet pants for girls, teal little girl dresses, velvet dresses for girls, pink toddler dresses, pink toddler outfits, black girls jacket, and cotton pants for girls. Also included throughout this collection are pink g... View Post