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Our latest collection Apulia has a new addition! We'd like to present you to the newest piece of this pastel dream: Lydia Ruffles Outfit.


This elegant outfit comes in two pieces. A gorgeous, sleeveless, ruffled blouse and a pretty skirt with a bow on the waist. Does the skirt look familiar to you? It's because you've seen it in Abigail Outfit which has also a pretty tulle blouse with sheer sleeves. If you'd like a more daily version and something more comfortable to wear for warmer weather you could prefer Lydia Ruffles Outfit. 

If you'd like to go all out and want a showstopper outfit for your special occasions, don't forget to check out Abigail Outfit and Emily Outfit. One of them has a blue skirt while the other has pink for you to choose based on your favorite color! 



Apulia Collection has more to offer for you to discover! Go to our website now to find yourself a beautiful look.