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Apulia will bring the summer energy to your wardrobe.

High fashion kids’ brand, Mama Luma, created the little girls’ dream designs in new Apulia Collection where botanic of the Pacific Coast met the Mediterranean. Each handmade piece touches the elements of fine fashion and the exquisite flower prints master each piece to develop impactful and creative minds.


Kids have their own sense of style just like adults. Mama Luma’s sophisticated designs for little girls pay tribute to the brand’s strong belief on fashion’s significant role for training impactful and creative minds and this has given them a global success in a short amount of time. New Apulia Collection has a gorgeous summer glow with its romantic, dynamic vibe and modern tone. Dresses and matching outfits which have floral patterns, showstopper bows and big skirts with classic cuts are what make the collection so dreamy. Ecru, baby pink and baby blue designs along with delicate 3D flower appliques that give life to the collection make Apulia an absolute pastel dream all together.


Mama Luma designed complementary accessories for the collection to spice up the outfits in the best way as always. Exclusive 3D flowers headbands can be worn with every Apulia outfit and they are the go-to pieces in the collection to create unique looks for special occasions.


A Fairytale Collection

Apulia is designed lovingly to wrap the little girls around in a fairytale experience. The inspiration behind the collection is to encourage them to embrace themselves with self-love and joy.

Mama Luma will keep inspiring the little girls to become strong, independent and confident individuals with its magical collections.