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Mama Luma invests in the internet’s future.

The brand has made a success in e-commerce with its own developed technology.

Mama Luma exports to over 50 countries and the brand enforces this competitive position in the industry with its technology investments. The brand made instant success with its own developed web technology and has reached important milestones to global success in 3 years. Mama Luma has started to build up their virtual reality infrastructure to better its customers’ online shopping experience while getting ready to take over the industry with its upcoming NFT projects.

Technology shapes our daily lives as well as fashion and our ways of shopping. The pandemic has shown how important digital transformation and personal data protection applications are for branding. Mama Luma’s partnership with Argentinian kids’ fashion brand Enfans once again proved the brand’s success in e-commerce. Mama Luma’s 2023 goals are based on strategic partnerships to raise brand awareness and technological innovations to provide an advanced customer experience.

Mama Luma’s CEO Ata Sarı talked about how they will become a global kids’ fashion brand through their e-commerce and branding investments and commented on the brand’s innovative vision: “We have been taking actions to become a dynamic brand with high adaptability to new technologies since day one. We have the power to send our designs to any country in the world through our website thanks to our consistent investments in digital marketing. As a brand that gets 90% of its orders online, we have to think and be foresighted like a technology company. We built our website from scratch as a ‘JAMstack’ website and we are one of the websites with the highest Google Lighthouse performance scores. We use modules on our website to optimize data engineering as a result of our work for conversion rate optimization (CRO). Our perspective on technology granted us one of our most productive years. We had over 1 million clicks and over 2 million e-commerce revenue.”

“We support our technological infrastructure with strategic partnerships.”

Ata Sarı mentioned their upcoming projects for 2023, “We continue to support our technological infrastructure with strategic partnerships that will improve our website traffic. Lionel Messi’s wife Antonela Roccuzzo who is one of the co-founders of the Argentinian kids’ fashion brand Enfans has contributed organically to our e-commerce volume by promoting the partnership personally. We will be making new investments in 2023. We have been improving our virtual reality infrastructure and we’ll be announcing it soon. This project will allow our customers to see our designs in 3D on their daughters’ avatars and we’ll also take over the industry with our NFT projects.”