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Are you up for a quick little quiz to find out which Mama Luma party dress is the best for you this summer? If your answer is yes then keep reading! Here is how it works:

  • The quiz has 5 questions which have three different (a, b, c) answers.
  • All you have to do is to calculate how many of each you chose.
  • Once the quiz is finished you'll find out which collection is the best for you this summer based on which answer is mostly chosen.

Ready? Let's start!

1. What is your favorite event?

a) Birthdays.

b) Weddings.

c) Picnic parties.

2. What kind of party personality you are?

a) Showstopper. You love to be the center of attention. 

b) Small talker. You just want to go home.

c) Foodie. You are only there to accompany the cake.

3. What do you like to dance to the most?

a) Pop.

b) Rap.

c) Country.

4. What would you like to be at a costume party?

a) A princess.

b) A witch.

c) A fairy.

5. What is your favorite color?

a) Pink.

b) Blue.

c) White.

If you chose a's the most: Princess Apulia Dress

This flared pink dress is made just to put you in the spotlight! You will turn lots of heads with this one for sure. 


If you chose b's the most: Laetitia Dress

You like to keep it simple. Laetitia Dress would be the perfect choice for you with its elegant cut and soft hydrangea prints. 


If you chose c's the most: Blake Bow Dress

A signature summer dress for gracious little ladies. It has pretty rose flowers on its skirt and a gorgeous bow on the waist as a statement.


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